■Sable Eyelash Extensions
Premium Japanese sable. Very light and soft, comfortable lashes. Individually applied by qualified and experienced technician lasting for about one month.
We use one of safetest glue in the world.
Classic Eyelash Extensions (Single) 
Applied single extension individually.

Natural (up to 40p each)  $99.00
Glamour (up to 100p each)  $169.00

1-2 weeks refill 1-13days/            $35.00
3-4 weeks refill 14-27days/          $55.00
5 weeks more refill over 28days/  $60 (Natural)
                                                $80 (Glamour)
Bottom Lashes   $1.50 per lash
Color Extensions $1.00 per lash

Volume Eyelash Extensions (1-4D)
Applied in fans of 2-4 lashes per one natural lash. These Extensions are much finer, hence super light weight. The result is full " fluffy" luscious looking lashes.

Light (60-280p)      $149.00
Medium(100-400p) $199.00
Max                       $289.00

1week(within 1-13days) : $55.00
​2weeks(within 14-20days) : $75.00
​3weeks(within 21-27days) : $85.00
​4weeks(within 28-34days) : $105.00

Removal                                $30(up tp 30mins)  Full $45
Removal from our salon      $5.00
Mascara removal                   $5.00

Eyelash extensions Design
Extensions Treatment

Eyelash extensions after care and important points
・Do not get your eyelashes wet for at least 6 hours after having eyelash extensions.
(But 24 hours is awsome after your procedure. This will give the glue an appropriate amount of time to cure.)
・Avoid hot steam or sauna within 6 hours from the application.
・Do not use any oil-based or oil contained products such as oil cleansing.
(Use water based eye makeup remover)
・Do not use mascara except eyelash extensions mascara, although you'll probably find that you no longer require mascara.
・Do not use eyelash curler except stick type hot eyelash curler.
・Never pull your eyelash extensions off as it will pull out your natural eyelash, If you want them removed contact us for our professional eyelash removal service.
・Do not perm or tint your eyelash extensions.
・If you had other shops eyelash extensions, please let us know.
・Due to your eyelash's hair cycle, some eyelash extensions fall out at very early stage with your own eyelashes.
・We recommend to come to refill every 2 to 4 weeks for fill gaps and keep eyelash extensions nicely.
・Cannot do eyelash extensions if you have eye allergic.
・Cannot do eyelash extensions if you had tatoo and cosmetic surgery on your eyes or had eyelash perm within 6 months.
​・Please do not apply any eye-makeup on your arrival.(Makeup removal $5)
・Late arrival : Please keep in mind that arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment.​​

■Eyelash extensions school

Lessons by Qualified Pro Eyedesigner by JLA (Japan lash association)
Able to learn latest , fast and safe skills
Lower lashes applications now available in the lessons
Jr Eye Designer course  :$1460.00(Inc basic equipments)
Top Eye Designer course  :$4400.00(Inc Pro equipments)

Skill up course                  :$450.00(Exc equipments)
*Experienced person only

...And more. Please contact us for more details.
■Eyelash Lift

A natural lash lift brightens stunning, wide-eyed natural lash look and lifting each lsh individually.
Last up to 8 weeks!

First session                :$40.00 per session
from Second session   :$60.00 per session
Pre-pay 2                     :$100.00