IPL Treatment/ Facial

■IPL Permanent Hair Removal
Get Hair free smooth skin with painless IPL

IPL Ticket
1Ticket $20
3Tickets $57
10Tickets $170
30Tickets $480
※Uses 1 ticket for 1 area/1session
※Valid for 1 year

Join our VIP IPL Membership& receive special discounts!

Membership fee
$220/1 year
$132/6 months
$69/3 months

Member Specials
1, Free underarms or Bikini sessions
* Up to 12 sessions/1 year, 6 sessions/6month, 3 sessions/3 month
*Male customer can choose the Free area from small areas.

2, 2 or more additional areas for further discount( 10%~40%off).
* 2 areas for 10%off, 3 areas for 20%off, 4 areas for 30%off, 5 areas for 40%off

3, Member special package

Brazilian(VIO) $35/session
Full face $60/session
Ful legs $123/session

Forall VIP IPL member special price

Small areas: $25/session
Medium areas: $35/session
Large areas: $45/session
​​Visitor price

Small areas : $55/session
Medium areas : $88/session
Large areas : $142/session

Full body special
* You can choose any body areas on each visit.

$2019.00 (5 sessions, valid for 6month)

S areas
Underarms          Hands&Fingers         Feet&Toes
Upper lips           Chin                       Forehead
Cheeks                Side of face            Knees
Neck  (front or back) Nipple

M areas
Bikini                   Labia Majora            Anus area
Forarms              Nape line                  Navel area
Upper arms (front or back)                   Snail trail

L areas
Chest                  Stomach                  Buttocks
Lower back         Upper back                Shoulders
Lower legs (front or back)
​Upper legs (front or back)

■Menard Facial Treatment

Non-Invasive. No Downtime.
Immediate results.

What is an IPL Photofacial?

A series of photofacial treatments are highly effective for a variety of
skin conditions such as sun damage or brown spots, broken capillaries, small spider veins, general skin redness and facial flushing.
The light energy stimulates the production of collagen.
As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance of aging skin. Most benefits of a potofacial occur gradually in the weeks following treatment.

How many treatments do I need to see results?

Generally we recommend 4-6 photo facial treatments (each 2-3 weeks apart) depending on the amount of damage to the skin. After the initial series, maintenance sessions are often needed.  

What to expert during treatment?

The procedure is gentle, non-invasive and safe. A warm "rubber band snap" sensation may be felt as the light is absorbed by the targeted areas, but there should be minimal or no discomfort. Each photo facial treatment lasts 30 minutes. 

Basic course
Visitor $220/session
Member $55/session

Face-lifting course
Visitor $230/session
Member $65/session

Membership $220/year
* inc $100 credit that you can use for facial serivces. 
* Spend more than $200 while your facial member and renewal fee will half price(inc $50credit)

Photofacial Special
1session trial : $77    3sessions trial : $154 

Harb Mask +$10

Basic course(30min)
Acne scars, redness, hyper pigmentations, large pores, pigmented freckles and age spots

Face-lifting course(35min)
Large pore, wrinkles and age spots